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MESB-WA can ride on mother share rebound

MESB-WA, the new company warrant of MESB Berhad, made its debut at Bursa Malaysia on 5 January 2018.  This warrant was issued free to shareholders of MESB in the company recently completed share split and bonus warrants exercise.  Under the exercise, MESB subdivided every 2 shares into 3 shares.  Following the share split, the company issued free warrants to shareholders on the basis of 1 warrant for every 2 shares held after the split.  The share price of MESB has been declining steadily since reaching a 52-week high of 91 sen in the middle of October 2017.  This followed the completion of a 30% private placement of new shares at a placement price of 73 sen in early October.  MESB closed at46 sen on 10 January 2018 while the new warrant settled at 20.5 sen.

PA-WB Doubled on First Few Days of Trading

The warrant of P.A. Resources Berhad (PARB), PA-WB, began trading in Bursa Malaysia on 22 December 2017 ending the first day of trade at 2 sen. The warrant price has since risen substantially to close at 4 sen at the close of trading on 3 January 2017.  This new warrant was given free to shareholders who subscribed P.A. Resources recently completed rights issue exercise.  The company raised a total of RM37.86 million from the rights issue of 757.23 million new shares at an issue price of 5 sen based on a ratio of 4 rights shares for every 5 shares held.  Subscribers of the rights issue get 1 free warrant for every share subscribed.  PARB mother share surged after the new year to close at 7 sen on 3 January 2018.

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KOMARK-WB moves ahead of ex-date

The share and company warrant of Komarkcorp Berhad has been trending up over the last few days ahead of the company’s ex-date for bonus issue which falls on 2 January 2018.  Komarkcorp has announced in October that it is issuing up to 54.18 million new shares based on one bonus share for every three shares held on the entitlement date which falls on 4 January 2018.  This means that 29 December is the last day investors can buy the shares and warrants on cum basis to receive the bonus securities.  Komarkcorp mother share and its warrant KOMARK-WB ended trading on 27 December at 28 sena and 9.5 sen respectively.

MMAG-PA move may see share base dilution

MMAG Holdings Berhad, formerly known as Ingenuity Consolidated Berhad, had recently completed its rights issue of 151.8 million new shares and 607 million new irredeemable convertible preference shares (ICPS).  The rights issue was carried out based on 1 rights share for every 2 shares held together with 3 free warrants for every 2 rights shares subscribed at an issue price of 25 sen per share.  At the same time, shareholders of MMAG can also subscribe the ICPS at an issue price of 5 sen on the basis of 2 ICPS for every 1 share held.  MMAG raised a total of close to RM70 million from the above rights issue.  Together with an earlier special bumiputra share issuance, MMAG had raised RM74.10 million recently.  MMAG share price has fallen below the rights issue price recently and was last traded at 19.5 sen on 20 December.  The new warrant MMAG-WB closed at 5.5 sen on the same day. 

DOLPHIN-WA fades after plunge in mother share

The share price of Dolphin International Berhad has been declining steadily since its IPO in the middle of 2015.  After hitting a high of 90.5 sen within days of IPO, Dolphin share price dropped to a historic low of 15 sen last week despite the company recently successfully placed out a total of 22.2 million placement shares to identified investors in two tranches at issue prices per placement share ranging from 19.5 sen to 20 sen, raising a total of RM4.38 million.

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