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Mother share’s sharp drop affects SYF-WB

The share price of SYF Resources Berhad (SYF) has been on a declining trend for the past one year as the Ringgit strengthened against the US Dollar.  A stronger Ringgit is considered bad for furniture manufacturers like SYF as their profit margins would be affected.  SYF Resources share price closed at its one year low of 30.5 sen on 21 March 2018 following the release of its latest quarterly results which saw the group recording a net loss for the second quarter of FYE 7/18.  The company warrant SYF-WB ended trading at 5 sen.

KIMLUN-WA’s attractive gearing dampened by consistent payout

The share price performance of Kimlun Corporation Berhad has not been impressive over the last one year.  The share price of Kimlun has in fact declined slightly compared to a year ago.  Kimlun mother share ended trading on 14 March 2018 at RM2.10.  The company warrant of Kimlun (KIMLUN-WA) was last traded at 60 sen.

High valuation on good prospects for BIOHLDG-WA

The share price of Bioalpha Holdings Berhad had been fluctuating within a relatively modest range of 21.5 sen and 28.5 sen over the last 12 months.  However, the company’s warrant BIOHLDG-WA, which was issued in January 2017, experienced a more volatile year as it rose to as high as 23 sen from a low of 11.5 sen.  Both the mother share and warrant are consolidating at the lower range of their prices in the last few weeks as the global equity market fell.

UNIMECH-WA : Overvalued

The company warrant of Unimech Group Berhad, UNIMECH-WA, topped the active list for the first time on 28 February 2018 after the company reported stronger fourth quarter profit on 27 February.  UNIMECH-WA saw 93.31 million units traded on 28 February.  This represents more than 154% of total amount warrants outstanding of 60.41 million.  The price of UNIMECH-WA also experienced a wild swing between 4 sen and 10.5 sen before closing the day up 150% at 7.5 sen from the close of 3 sen the previous day.  The mother share only rose 3 sen or less than 3% to RM1.05.

INIX-WA’s Low Gearing Makes Mother Share Better Bet

The share price of Inix Technologies Holdings Berhad has been on a roller coaster recently as the mother share hit a 52-weeks’ high of 14.5 sen in early January before plunging to as low as 7 sen in the first half of February.  The company warrant INIX-WA experienced a much wider fluctuation reaching a high of 11.5 sen on 2 January 2018 before falling sharply to as low as 3.5 sen in early February when the global market plunged.  Both the mother share and warrant have recovered some lost ground recently and they were last traded at 9 sen and 5.5 sen respectively at the close of trading on 21 February.

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