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DANCO-WA: Steep Run Up on Good Earnings

The share price of Dancomech Holdings Berhad has been rallying since the company announced a good set of earnings for the financial year ended 31st December 2018.  The share price has been rising from 49 sen on 26th February 2019 when the results was announced and the pace accelerated on 12th March when Dancomech rose almost 10% in a single day to close at 67 sen on heavy volume.  The company warrant DANCO-WA managed an even better performance rising close to 20% on 12th March to close at 43 sen.

WEGMANS-WA: Better off buying mother share

WEGMANS-WA, the new company warrant of Wegmans Holdings Berhad, made its debut on 22nd January 2019 at Bursa Malaysia.  WEGMANS-WA was issued free to shareholders of Wegmans via a bonus issue of warrants on the basis of one warrant for every four shares held on entitlement date.  WEGMEANS-WA ended the first day of trading at 11.5 sen.  The warrant price then rose steadily to a high of 18 sen on 18th February before profit taking following the company announcements of latest financial results sent the price heading lower.  At the close of trading on 5th March, Wegmans mother share and warrant last traded at 32.5 sen and 15 sen respectively.

GDEX- wait and see if rally can be sustained

The share price of GD Express Carrier Berhad (GDex) surged on 26 February 2019 accompanied by heavy volume as the company posted sharp jump in earnings in the second quarter of financial year ending June 2019.  GDex also announced the listing of new shares under its Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) a day ago.  The volume transacted on the mother share reached a multi-year high of 48.74 million shares.  With the mother share rising 18% to close at 36 sen on 26 February, the out-of-money company warrant GDEX-WB jumped 78% to 8 sen as the warrant inched towards being at-the-money.  


YONGTAI-PA : Handsome gains await ?

The share price of Yong Tai Berhad has been one of the worst performing stocks in Bursa Malaysia over the last one year.  From a 52-week high of RM1.59 recorded on 1st March 2018, the stock fell as much as 81% to a low of 30 sen in the middle of December 2018.  After rebounding to a high of 44.5 sen in mid-January 2019, the share price is weakening again.  Besides the mother share, Yong Tai’s irredeemable convertible preference shares (YONGTAI-PA) and warrant (YONGTAI-WA) also suffered hefty losses during this period of time.  

GFM-WC: Steady gain on debut on positive news

GFM-WC, the new warrant of GFM Services Berhad (GFM), began trading in Bursa Malaysia on 7 February.  This warrant was issued to shareholders of GFM as a bonus issue based on one free warrant for every two shares held on the entitlement date.  A total of 235.46 million warrants were issued.  GFM-WC has gradually climbed up ever since it made its debut at 16 sen last week as GFM announced it has secured contracts worth RM69 million from Bank Negara Malaysia.  At the end of trading on 12 February 2019, GFM-WC closed at 20.5 sen while the mother share closed at 50 sen.

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