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Malaysia Warrants News

HKEX Warrants – Worth A punt?

The share price of Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd. (0388.HK) had performed admirably the last few weeks as investors were encouraged by the increased trading volume and expectation of the rolling out of Yuan-denominated products.  HKEx had also become the top IPO drawers this year following the blockbuster listing of China Agriculture Bank.  The ability of the Exchange to attract non-Chinese enterprises to list there, such as RUSAL, L'OCCITANE and mining companies had added its appeal to investors despite its relatively rich valuation.

After a strong run, the share price of HKEx is now close to the level where the Hong Kong government made its last purchase of the company in September 2007.  In the Hong Kong government’s previous purchase, which pushed the government's shareholding over the 5 percent threshold, the government spent HK$2.44 billion to buy 15.72 million shares at an average HK$155.22 per share to increase its stake from 4.41 percent to 5.88 percent, based on calculations using the number of shares and total cost provided by market source. The Hong Kong government is the single largest shareholder in HKEx.

Fitters Boss Up Warrants Stake Again

 The Managing Director and major shareholder of Fitters Diversified Berhad (Fitters) , Dato’ Wong Swee Yee continued to mop up its company warrants (Fitters-WA).  He now controls close to half of all warrants outstanding.  This is in addition to his 32.9% stake in the ordinary shares of the company.  Any additional purchase of shares by Wong will trigger a mandatory offer.  This explains why Wong is consolidating his grip in the company via warrants.


KNM-HA - Insurance for Free

KNM Group share price fell sharply this morning after the company announced a 4 for 1 share consolidation exercise.  The put warrant on KNM issued by OSK hardly moved.

UNISEM-WA Trades Cancelled

Bursa Malaysia has announced that all trades matched for UNISEM new company warrant, UNISEM-WA, in the afternoon session of 30 August between 2:30pm and 3:23pm were cancelled.  The following is a press release from Bursa Malaysia website:


30 Aug 2010

Trades for UNISEM-WA (5005WA) that were matched from 2:30pm to 3:23pm were cancelled due to an error in keying in the upper limit price, as permitted under the Rules of Bursa Malaysia Securities. The stock was suspended from 3.23pm to 3.55pm to facilitate the recommencement of pre-opening (reserve state) at 3.55pm and trading at 4.05pm. The upper limit price for this stock is RM0.50.


All market participants have been duly notified.


This may be the first time that such an incident happened.  Normally, a security can only rise 500% from its reference price on the first day of trading.  UNISEM-WA reference price was 10 sen, which is the subscription price of the warrant.  Had Unisem warrant came free with a rights issue, probably the reference price would be 0.5 sen as the warrant is out-of-money.  Maybe it is about time that Bursa uses a theoretical price for reference price for new warrants.  Or else, traders have to bear with this limit up rules which now forces the Exchange to implement drastic measures like this. 

Those who bought UNISEM-WA this afternoon at "second limit up" price of 80 sen is now the main beneficiary of the blunder! 

 For those who punted and made intraday gain on UNISEM-WA, tough luck!


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