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Malaysia Warrants News

IJMLAND Up on Takeover Rumuors – Which Warrant To Punt?

The share price of IJMLAND is up significantly today on talk of possible takeover or privatization.  There are 3 IJMLAND warrants listed on Bursa Malaysia.  The interest seems to have been concentrated on the company warrant IJMLAND-WA due to its higher liquidity.  Nevetheless, if the rumuors turn out to be true, the upside potential is actually higher in the structured warrants space, more specifically

TIGER-WA : Can this TIGER Roar?

Do you know there is actually a stock named TIGER in Bursa Malaysia?

Yes, this stock code belongs to Tiger Synergy Berhad (formerly known as Minply Holdings Berhad) and the name change took place on July 16th this year.  However, the share price performance for this stock has been anything but tiger-like.

Tiger Synergy implemented a rights issue earlier this year.  Shareholders of the company were entitled to subscribe for 3 rights shares with 2 free warrants at 20 sen per share for every share they held before the ex-date, which was on the day before the name change took place.

Desserts are Better than Mains!

When companies implement rights issue and the mother share price is hovering near or below the rights issue price, warrants are often thrown in as a sweetener to entice shareholders to take up the rights issue.  Judging from the price performance of the warrants listed this year as a result of rights issues with free warrants, it appears that this “sweetener” or “desert” is performing much better than the mother share or “main course”.


Shareholders very often have to take a hit with the share price as some of them trade below the rights issue price for a while before the recent market rally take them higher.  Nevertheless, the performance of the warrants have been much stronger compared to the mother share.  We take a look at three cases where companies had implemented rights issue this year and observe the price performance of the warrants.

Potential Higher Return Via PLUS-CC BUT…

Shares of Plus Expressway has been heavily traded recently following the receipt of an offer from EPF and UEM Group on 15th October to acquire all of the business and undertaking, including all assets and liabilities of PLUS at an aggregate purchase consideration of RM23 billion .  The Purchase Consideration represents a consideration of RM4.60 per ordinary share of RM0.25 each in PLUS.

The closing price of PLUS on 19th October was RM4.38, which is some 4.8% lower than the offer price of RM4.60.  However, this offer was not a general offer and minorities will receive cash payment via special dividends and a capital repayment later that would be equivalent to RM4.60/share.

HWGB-WB – The Other “Genting” Reaching New High on Mining Play

The share price of Ho Wah Genting surged in the last week on the rally of the resources and mining sector worldwide.  Being one of only a couple of mining plays in Bursa Malaysia, the surging tin price has led to investor looking to benefit from this theme and Ho Wah Genting happens to be venturing into tin mining. Besides tin mining, Ho Wah Genting is also into magnesium smelting via Hong Kong listed associates CVM Minerals Limited. (0705.HK)

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