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Opting for Mother Share Instead of Overpriced VIS-WA

The share price of VisDynamics Holdings Berhad plunged from 78 sen to a low of 17 sen between 28 and 29 Aprilearlier this year as the company was one of four small-cap companies in Bursa Malaysia suffering drastic price drops during those two days.  VisDynamics’ share price had earlier climbed from below 20 sen in early 2013 to a high of 78 sen in April this year.  Its company warrant VIS-WA also fell from a high of 70 sen to as low as 9 sen in the meltdown.  Both the price of the mother share and warrant have stabilized somewhat recently and building a base at their current price levels of 19.5 sen and 11 sen respectively.


达加富资源(TAKASO 7071)的股项在近期出现股权变动而吸引到一些投资者的注意。该公司的股价虽然交易量提升但其波动不大而其价位在过去数周介于22仙到24.5仙之间。达加富资源也有一项公司凭单TAKASO-WB。该凭单在上周五以10仙闭市。

TAKASO-WB May Attract Punters’ Interest Despite High Valuation

The shares of condom maker Takaso Resources Berhad (Takaso) have been heavily traded in the last few weeks.  Nevertheless, the share price had remained in a relatively tight band of between 22 sen and 24.5 sen, resulting the historical volatility of the mother share dropping to below 30%.  The share price of Takaso closed at 23 sen on 4 June 2014 while its company warrant TAKASO-WB finished trading at 9.5 sen.

DPS-WA Outperforming Mother Share Despite High Valuation

Normally quiet DPS Resources Berhad (DPS) suddenly attracted interest on Wednesday 28 May 2014 when close to 5 million shares changed hand as the share price rose to 10 sen.  Its warrant DPS-WA rose substantially more than the mother share in percentage term despite it being way out-of-money as its exercise price of 54 sen is much higher than the current market price.



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