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Malaysia Warrants News

ASB-LA: Is the Sudden Spike in Activity Sustainable?

The share price of Advanced Synergy Berhad (ASB) surged almost 30% in a couple of days earlier this week on very heavy volume.  ASB share price rose from 14.5 sen at the close of last Friday 16 May 2014 to as high as 19.5 sen on 21 May before closing the day at 18.5 sen.  ASB’s Irredeemable Convertible Unsecured Loan Stocks (ASB-LA) also rose as high as 10 sen on 21 May before ended the day at 9.5 sen.  The volume traded for both the mother share and loan stocks during that last few days both reached multi-year high.



Sale of Warrants by Major Shareholders Sparked Rally in Share Price

The share price of Federal Furniture Holdings Berhad (FFHB) has been rising steadily, reaching a multi-year high of 40 sen on 14 May 2014 after the sale of a few blocks of the company warrant (FFHB-WB) by its Chairman cum major shareholder Dato’ Dr. Choy Fook On and his wife Datin Tan Geok Foong earlier this year. 


股价在过去两年一直在10仙以下交易的前研科技(FRONTKN, 0128, 主板贸服组)在上个月初突破10仙的阻力后一直保持在此价位以上。这或许和该公司最近买进一家持有国家石油公司(PETRONAS)执照的油气技术服务公司TTES Team & Specialist私人有限公司(TTES)有关。该公司股价在上周五以12.5仙闭市而其凭单则以4.5仙结束交易。

Another Company Warrant for Meda Inc.

Meda Inc. is one of very few companies listed on Bursa Malaysia which has more than one company warrants.  It currently has two company warrants with at least seven years to expiration.  Not satisfied with two company warrants, Meda Inc. had on early March this year proposed to give away another warrant (MEDAINC-WC) free of charge to its shareholders based on one free warrant for every ten existing shares held on entitlement date to be decided later.

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