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Ritamix Global Leads Malaysian Companies on HKSE

Ritamix Global Limited (01936.HK), a Malaysia-based company involved in the distribution and manufacturing of animal feed additives was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 13 May 2020. Ritamix IPO was priced at HKD1.00 per share and the share price has risen to a high of HKD3.30 on 9 June 2020, giving a market capitalization of HKD1.615 billion at the closing price of HKD3.23.


The Group intends to implement the following strategies to consolidate the Group's market position and increase market share.Ritamix has been one of a few Malaysian companies seeking a listing in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange this year. Prior to Ritamix, there were a few companies including C-Link Squared Ltd (01463.HK), MOG Holdings Ltd (01942.HK), Rimbaco Group Global Limited (01953.HK). With the exception of MOG Holdings, the share prices of the other Malaysian companies mentioned above are still trading above their IPO price.

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