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Six Links of Introducing Overseas Talents

What qualities should be considered as overseas high-level talents, what procedures need to be considered when introducing overseas high-level talents?

"Guidance" noted that, the introduction of high-level talents overseas normally should have a degree of PHD, be aged not more than 55 years old, have at least 6 months working hours per year and agree one of the following conditions:

(1) Experts and scholars who serve as Professors or about in well-known foreign universities or research institutions

(2) Technical personnel and management personnel who have senior position in world-renowned enterprises or institutions

(3) The entrepreneurial talents who have independent intellectual property rights or grasp core technology with overseas business experience are familiar with international rules in related industries;

As for the ones with special expertise or other creative talents in short supply can appropriately loosen the limitations.

The introduction of high-level talents overseas procedures is not so complicated, which include six steps: declaration - trial - assessment - publicity - Approval - settled.

Declaration. The introduced talents who have reached an initial agreement with employers, or who introduce themselves to work (services) in Shaoxing, should respectively fill out the “The Application Form of Shaoxing City Project of Introduce High-level Talents Overseas” and submit to the special office of Shaoxing.

Trial. Municipal Personnel Bureau will identify and verify the degree and experience of overseas study; Science and Technology Bureau will verify the submitted intellectual property and scientific research achievements. On this basis, special operators from the relevant authorities will assure the trial objects.

Assessment. The special office will set up expert panel to assess the trial objects and related projects, technical and scientific researches and other assessments, and the assessment results will be divided into three categories A, B, C. Among them, the category of A is a project that can be industrial produced directly with international leading technologies; class B with the international mature, advanced technology is a higher levels of industrialization project; The category of C is a project with the domestic advanced technology, presentative industry direction and great market potentials.

Publicity. According to assessment results, special operators will assure the candidates of introduction, and an appropriate form in a certain range of publicity. The content of publicity includes the candidates of introduction the basic conditions of project achievements and ranks. The deadline of publicity is 7 days.

Approval. After the publicity of those without objection, the special group of Shaoxing who are in charge of newspaper will approve the introduction of overseas talents.

Settled. Authorities, employers and the introduced talents signed the tripartite agreement (contract), the deadline of agreement is normally less than 3 years. Upon arrival the introduced talents, special office will grant it as “Distinguished experts of Shaoxing."

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