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ZECON-WA Price Provided Clue to Unsuccessful Privatization Attempt

The proposed privatization via selective capital reduction and repayment exercise (SCR) of Sarawak based construction company Zecon Berhad will not be successful after Datuk Haji Bolhassan bin Di @ Ahmad bin Di, a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director and a substantial shareholder of the company wrote to Zecon on 1 April that he will vote against the Proposed SCR at the company’s upcoming EGM to be convened in relation to the Proposed SCR.  Datuk Haji Bolhassan directly holds 11,500,000 Zecon Shares, representing approximately 9.66% equity interest in Zecon or approximately 25.71% of the voting shares held by the entitled shareholders of the Proposed SCR.



Overvalued DSONIC-CA Warrants Caution

The structured call warrant of Datasonic Group Berhad (DSONIC) attracted attention for the wrong reason recently when Bursa Malaysia issued an announcement advising investors to exercise caution and to make informed decisions in the trading of DSONIC and DSONIC-CA after sharp rise in the share price of DSONIC and volatility in DSONIC-CA. The Exchange added that it will not hesitate to take appropriate regulatory action to ensure fair and orderly trading of DSONIC and DSONIC-CA.



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