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Company Warrants

Punting Warrants Rights - Century and Heveaboard

The new warrant of Century Logistics (CENTURY-WB) and the warrant right of Heveaboard Berhad (HEVEA-WR) made their debut this morning. CENTURY-WB opened at 90 sen this morning. This made all subscribers of CENTURY-WR, including those who bought it at the highest price of 82 sen a profitable lot. CENTURY-WR had risen steadily during its trading window last month from briefly below 70 sen to a high of 82 sen on the last day of trading. Its last traded price was 81.5 sen. Nevertheless, the price of CENTURY-WB has now weakened and is hovering around 82 sen, off from a high of 93 sen this morning.

HEVEA-WR meanwhile started the day at 22 sen and is now trading about 19 sen. Holders of HEVEA-WR need only top up 1 sen to subscribe for the new warrant of Heveaboard. The new Heveaboard warrant (HEVEA-WB) has a tenure of 10 years and an exercise price of RM1.00. Holders of expired HEVEA-WA were also entitled to subscribe for HEVEA-WB based on 1 new warrant for every 3 unexercised HEVEA-WA. The last traded price of HEVEA-WA was 7 sen. This implied a new warrant price of 22 sen [(7 sen x 3) + 1 sen].

If HEVEA-WR does a repeat of CENTURY-WR, HEVEA-WR should gradually rises towards the end of trading period. The warrant right will cease trading on 10 February.

PMIND-WA Exercise Price has been adjusted to 5 sen

The exercise price of Pan Malaysian Industries Berhad warrant (PMIND-WA) has been reduced to 5 sen from 10 sen following the announcement by PMIND today that the order granted by the High Court of Malaya ("Court") on 7 December 2009 confirming the Proposed Reduction in Par Value was lodged with the Companies Commission of Malaysia ("CCM") on 30 December 2009.

Click the following link for detail announcement.

PRESTAR-WA Up On Strong Earnings

The warrant of Prestar Resources Berhad (Prestar-WA) rose today on moderate volume as the company reported a strong recovery in earnings in third quarter ended 30/9/2009.  Prestar reported net profit of RM9.3 million in the third quarter or EPS of 5.34 sen.  This is a reversal of losses it sufferd in the previous quarters.  Such big jump in earnings caused the underlying share to rise 10% today to 52.5 sen and the warrant also chalked up a 26% rise to 12 sen.

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