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Company Warrants

Top Warrant Gainer : KARYON-WA

The price of Karyon Industries Berhad warrant (Karyon-WA) surged 45% on 5th April on relatively heavy volume, topping the percentage gainers chart for warrants with volume.  The underlying share also rose 8% to 20.5 sen, finishing at the money. 


EAH-WA 或受大股东增持和同行上市刺激


EAH-WA Getting a Lift from Major Shareholding Purchase Ahead of Peer's IPO

The price of EA Holdings share and warrant has been creeping up recently as its chairman/CEO cum major shareholder Mohammad Sobri Saad has been accumulating shares from the open market according to announcements to Bursa Malaysia.  The pending listing of its RFID (radio frequency identification) peer Smartag Solutions Berhad may have added to the excitement of the sector.  If Smartag makes a strong debut in its IPO, price of EA Holdings may get a lift.


Revisiting Oil and Gas Company Warrants

In January, we had reviewed the oil and gas company warrants listed on Bursa Malaysia.  These warrants had a spectacular run in late January and February with some rising more than 100% (Hexagon-WA and Frontkn-WA from date of review).  Nevertheless, these warrants then suffered a major correction towards the end of February due to the Middle East/Africa political crisis and then followed by the Japan Earthquake and nuclear disaster.  With the dust settling down now, will these oil and gas warrants lead the market again and record substantial gain from now?

Beneficiary of Japan Earthquake? Priceworth’s Warrant Issue Timely

Timber sector can get a lift from the big Japanese Earthquake that took place last Friday.  AmResearch had already come up with a timber sector update “Japan’s earthquake-hit areas would need rebuilding” immediately following the earthquake, indicating possible rally in timber stocks.

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Warrant Ranking by Premium (7 Aug 2016)

The following is the list of Warrant Ranking by Premium

Warrant Ranking 7 Aug 2016 by Premium


The following is a list of loan stock listed on Bursa Malaysia as at (date).

Malaysia Loan Stock Analysis 270515

Change in Shareholdings (1/5/2015 - 31/5/2015)

The following is a list of change in shareholdings as at (date).

May 2015 (1 May 2015 - 31 May 2015)

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