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Mandatory Conversion Option: “Cut Loss” for Company; Bullish for Investors

Convertible loan stocks may not be a useful trading product.  But if investors bother to go through the term sheets of the loan stocks, they may be able to discover some interesting features and money making opportunities.  Pending any major market disaster, it is not difficult to conclude that such underlying securities have tremendous upside.

FRONTKN-WA May be Boosted by Oil & Gas Venture in Qatar

The share price of Frontken Corporation Berhad has been on the decline after hitting multi month highs on February 15th.  It has not participated in the rally of oil and gas stocks recently as its business is often misunderstood by the investment communities.  Surface metamorphosis engineering business is the core business of Frontken and it serves the semiconductor, oil & gas and power plant industries.  Frontken has often been tagged as a semiconductor related company although oil & gas is also a substantial contributor and appears to be on a new growth pathway.


ENCORP-WA – An Instrument to Ride Profit Recovery

The share price of Encorp Berhad had fallen significantly in the last few months after the company implemented a rights issue of redeemable convertible secured loan stocks with free warrants.  Encorp-WA started trading on 24th March this year and its price had ranged within a narrow band of 36.5 sen to 43.5 sen since.  During this period, the trading of both Encorp share and warrant had been relatively quiet.


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