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Company Warrants

TFP-WA :初上市卖压大折价交易投资者可累集





SAMUDRA-WA : Price Rising on New Contract Ahead of Disposal of Core Business

The share price of Kejuruteraan Samudra Timur Berhad (Samudra) rallied significantly on 25 February after the company announced a day earlier that it had secured a five years’ contract from Petrofac (Malaysia-PM304) Limited for the provision of tubular handling equipment and services for PSC Operator’s Drilling Programme.  The share price retreated on 26 February somewhat to close at 42 sen. SAMUDRA-WA was more resilient than the mother share and kept its prior day gain to close at 17.5 sen.

HEVEA-WB: Major Shareholders Cutting Stake Dampens Momentum

The share price of HeveaBoard Berhad made a strong move with heavy volume on Christmas Eve 2013 when it rose from RM1.09 to RM1.23. It rose to a 52-week high of RM1.45 on Boxing Day with even higher volume. However, the share price momentum cannot be sustained as the major shareholders and directors of the company began trimming stake since that day. The share price has since dropped to a low of RM1.01 before making some recovery recently. HeveaBoard share closed at RM1.18 on 12 February 2014. The company warrant HEVEA-WB also mimicked the trend of its mother share and closed at 51 sen.

GENP-WA – Shareholders made Hefty Gains under Dividend Reinvestment Scheme

The company warrant of Genting Plantations Berhad (GENP-WA) made its debut on Bursa Malaysia on 20 December 2013. The warrant price was chased up to as high as RM4.90 on the first day of trading. However, GENP-WA was not able to maintain its momentum amidst heavy profit taking by shareholders who effectively got the warrant for free and the price declined significantly to close at RM3.84 on 23 December. The mother share closed at RM10.88 on the same day.

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