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Overvalued DSONIC-CA Warrants Caution

The structured call warrant of Datasonic Group Berhad (DSONIC) attracted attention for the wrong reason recently when Bursa Malaysia issued an announcement advising investors to exercise caution and to make informed decisions in the trading of DSONIC and DSONIC-CA after sharp rise in the share price of DSONIC and volatility in DSONIC-CA. The Exchange added that it will not hesitate to take appropriate regulatory action to ensure fair and orderly trading of DSONIC and DSONIC-CA.





TFP-WA: Issuance of Deep in-the-money Warrant Affect Warrant’s Valuation

Low price warrants are normally are well liked by retail punters seeking to speculate on such instrument. This usually leads to low price warrants trading at high premium.  Nevertheless, a recent warrant issued by Ace Market listed TFP Solutions Berhad bucked the trend and TFP-WA has been trading at a discount for most of the time since it began trading on Bursa Malaysia on 21 February.  TFP-WA discount has narrowed somewhat after some savvy investors looked to have taken the opportunity to arbitrage on it.  Some 1.46 million warrants, representing just under 1.5% of total number of warrants issued have been converted in the beginning of March and the new shares listed have resulted in selling pressure on the mother share.


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