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Company Warrants

XDL-WB a Better Punt than XDL-WA despite Higher Absolute Price

The share price of Xidelang Holdings Limited (XDL) has experienced steep decline over the last few months after the company share price hit a 52-week high of 66.5 sen on21 January earlier this year.  XDL completed a rights issue with free warrants (XDL-WB) and bonus shares in late January that saw its share base balloon to 1.15 billion shares from 726 million shares previously.  At the close of trading on 29 April 2014, XDL share was trading at 23.5 sen which was a drop of almost 65% from its January peak.



OSKPROP-WC Hitting Historic High on Major Shareholders’ Purchase

The price of property developer OSK Property Holdings Berhad company warrant (OSKPROP-WC) has been hitting new high on continued purchases made by its Managing Director cum Major Shareholder Tan Sri Ong Leong Huat and his son Ong Ju Xing recently.  According to announcements made to Bursa Malaysia, Tan Sri Ong Leong Huat and son have been mopping up OSKPROP-WC from the open market in the last few months, raising the family holdings of OSKPROP-WC to 76.3% of total warrants outstanding as at 11 April 2014.  At the same time, the Ong family has also accumulated the mother share of OSK Property, raising their stake to 73.8% as at the end of March 2014.  The mother share hit a 52-week high to close at RM1.84 on 16 April while the warrant continued hitting all time high, closing at 83 sen on the same day.



ZECON-WA Price Provided Clue to Unsuccessful Privatization Attempt

The proposed privatization via selective capital reduction and repayment exercise (SCR) of Sarawak based construction company Zecon Berhad will not be successful after Datuk Haji Bolhassan bin Di @ Ahmad bin Di, a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director and a substantial shareholder of the company wrote to Zecon on 1 April that he will vote against the Proposed SCR at the company’s upcoming EGM to be convened in relation to the Proposed SCR.  Datuk Haji Bolhassan directly holds 11,500,000 Zecon Shares, representing approximately 9.66% equity interest in Zecon or approximately 25.71% of the voting shares held by the entitled shareholders of the Proposed SCR.

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