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Introduction of Four Categories of Overseas Talent

In 2008, as the financial crisis in US led to layoff waves, it brought an opportunity for China to introduce overseas high-level personnel. The Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee paid high attention to it, so they specially formulated relevant policies and measures. Under the high premium of Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, Shaoing started to introduce high-level personnel from overseas. At present, the overall quality of overseas high-level talents in Shaoxing is good, but compared with Shaoxing’s demand on economy and social development, it is relatively low in quantity. Meanwhile, as regards to the aspects in regional distribution and industry structure, it is still contradicted with Shaoxing’s economic development and industrial distribution. According to the journalists, among the five key industries and new industries in Shaoxing, overseas high-level talents is not distributed widely. It is only 19.82 and 3.23 respectively.

When determining the targets, focuses, conditions, processes of introducing overseas talents in “Shaoxing 330 overseas elites Plan”, the government have fully took the development strategy of economy, industry characteristics, work infrastructure and social environment into consideration. People in Organizational Department of the CPC Handan Municipal Committee said,

“Measures” declares, there are mainly four groups of talents that should be highly introduced:

1. Those high-level personnel who have advantage in modern textiles, machinery, electronics, environmental protection, medicine and chemical, food & beverage, are able to solve the operational problems in key technologies and processes, have innovative products with potential markets, had been in charge of major projects overseas and have capability in developing new products.

2. Those high-level personnel who have advanced international technical achievements in the emerging areas of clean energy, new materials, life, health and so on, can develop potential markets, have capability in industrial production and can bring technology, program and group to Shaoxing in the industry of IT and service outsourcing.

3. Those high-level personnel who had assumed senior management positions in internationally renowned companies for more than two years, have their own capital (including technology shares) or whose venture capital is over 50% of entrepreneurship capital, who are capable to acquire scientific achievements to promote independent innovation and technology upgrades, and are fully experienced in financial management, capital operation and have considerable influence in the trade union.

4. Those high-level personnel who have equipped with international research, have published influential papers in core journals in the past five years, have been honoured International Science and Technology Awards, master experimental skills or major subjects in the key technology of science projects.

It is obvious that the focus of introducing high-level personnel is innovative talents, entrepreneurial talents, management talents and talents undertaking basic researches, which is based on the purpose of constructing "5 + 3"industrial system, namely enhancing the five dominant industries and developing three emerging areas.

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