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Incentive Mechanism: Up to Five Million for Entrepreneurship

It relates directly to this talents plan whether we can provide a good Innovation and Entrepreneurial environment for the overseas high-qualified talents.

Thus, considering provincial policies and the practice of other cities like Wuxi, Suzhou, Dalian and some other cities, and according to Shaoxing’s reality, we make out a series of policies, covering capital assist, platform support and encourage and reward.

“the measure points out”, to the overseas high-qualified talents, whose evaluation result of program technique and scientific achievements is A, will be awarded 5000 thousand Innovation and Entrepreneurial, while B and C will get 1000 thousand and 500 thousand Innovation and Entrepreneurial capital. Moreover, the local government will provide workplace with no less than 200 square kilometres without three years ’rent fees, or the rent subsidies equivalent to 200 square kilometers’ workplace. At the same time, some key enterprises and key incubators and key Industries Parks will be chosen as the platform of Innovation and Entrepreneurial base for the overseas high-qualified talents. Within three years 2 or 3 provincial or above and about 10 municipal bases will also be built for them,

In Establishing and improving overseas talents’ Entrepreneurship and investment, we will encourage financial organizations social capital, government capital to engage in them, and expanding Shaoxing Guiding Funds and the scale of Credit Guarantee Fund of Shaoxing milled and small sized enterprises

“the measure points out”, each region can set up Guiding Funds for Entrepreneurship and investment, Credit Guarantee Fund, and provide Venture Capital and Loan guarantees for overseas talents. Among them, for those, who go into technological development projects, after demonstrating and accreditation, according to its investment acquisition, category A program will be given no less than 3000 thousand investments, while category B and C will be given 2000 thousand and 1000 thousand Venture capital separately. In the process of Industrialization, high Technological products with market requirement, without enough capital, will be given 5000 thousand 3,000, 000, 2,000, 000total interest subsidies at most within 2 years. Investment in technological results, after being assessed , its technical achievements can become shareholder according to no less than the proportion of registered capital of 30% of the shares pricing

In order to provide real help to overseas talents in business management, marketing and capital operation, our city will hire a group of successful entrepreneurs inside and outside the city of Shaoxing as the introduction of high-level talents in the business of overseas teachers, and promote business groups and overseas talents to start a business cooperation.

In the process of making bigger and stronger cooperation by overseas talents, if the enterprise research and development institutions are established as the provincial, national R & D institutions, will be given capital of 300,000 or 600,000. Enterprises and universities, research institutes, National Key Laboratory of Engineering Research Centre build a sub-centres together, when Complete, if the achievements are obvious, he may get 300,000 to 600,000 yuan in subsidies.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to encourage more unit of organization and individual to take part in the introduction of overseas high-qualified talents. “the measure” regulates, when a overseas talent of A, B, C class is introduced, projects overseas talents, Employers, intermediaries and individuals, will get 20,000 or 10,000 or 50,000 award. The overseas talents, as long as he makes outstanding contributions to the company, he will be awarded by taking stock, options, corporate pension and long-term incentives.

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