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Sale of Warrants by Major Shareholder Creates Interest in EWEIN-WA

When a large percentage of shares are held in the hands of a few substantial shareholders, it is not unusual to expect very little trading in the company shares especially when the company’s share capital base is not very big.  Thus, a bonus issue of warrants to reward shareholders would not create any excitement if the warrants’ holding is also concentrated in a few hands.  It is only when one of the major shareholders decided to dispose his warrants holdings that the warrant will attract some interest.  This is exactly what happened to EWEIN-WA recently when Dato’ Ewe Swee Kheng, via Hijauwasa Sdn. Bhd., sold down its warrants holdings and spur some trading in EWEN-WA although the action led to a significant decline in EWEIN-WA price from around 11 sen to a low of 6 sen a few days ago.

TMCLIFE-WA Awaits Major Shareholders’ Next Move


The share price of TMC Life Sciences Berhad (TMCLIFE) had been rising steadily in the past month and a half.  From 31.5 sen at the end of November 2012, TMCLIFE share price has risen more than 30% in the last one and half month on continued accumulation by one of its major shareholders Berjaya Group.  As at 9 January 2013, Berjaya Group stake in TMCLIFE has risen to 32.2%.  This makes it holding just shy of Singapore billionaire Peter Lim’s 32.6%, who is the top shareholder of the company.  TMCLIFE share price closed at 41 sen on 16 January 2013 while its warrant TMCLIFE-WA closed at 11.5 sen.

Samudra-WA may get a boost from Debt Waiver

Kejuruteraan Samudra Timur Berhad (Samudra) recently completed its rights issues of warrants offered to shareholders on the basis of one warrant for two shares at a subscription price of 5 sen per new warrant.  The new warrant Samudra-WA started trading on 8 January 2013 and has remained in a tight range of between 7 to 8 sen.  At the time of writing, Samudra was last traded at 8 sen while the mother share was traded at 22 sen.

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