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Fancy making risk free profits?

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Trading The China Market With American Depository Receipts: How To Play Greater China With A Winning Edge

It may sound too good to be true but it is happening all the time to people who know the tricks. This can be achieved by trading American Depository Receipts (ADRs) using after market news in Asia.

There is Free Lunch Even When Market Plunges!

The richest man in Hong Kong invited me to a free lunch again last week.  Li Ka-Shing’s flagship company Hutchison Whampao Ltd. has again delivered a set of earnings which deviated from market expectations.  Unlike previous two quarters when it smashed earnings estimates on the upside, Hutchison Whampao surprised on the downside this time.

Arbitraging in Different Time Zone for Free Lunch in Stock Market

In August last year we have demonstrated how investors can benefit from trading with news from markets in different time zone, using Hutchison Whampoa as an example how Li Ka-Shing treated savvy traders free lunch.  A few days ago, the same company again announced earnings which beat analysts’ estimates, and the same trick of buying Hutchison Whampoa ADR in US which had not reacted to the announcements which took place after market closed in Hong Kong worked again.  And this was not the only free lunch we could have benefited on the same day.  This is also not an April Fool’s Day joke.

Why Company Warrants Are Still More Popular

There are more and more warrants being traded on Bursa Malaysia.  Listed companies are increasingly issuing warrants either on a standalone basis or as a sweetener for rights issue.  On the other hand, investment banks like CIMB, OSK etc. are also issuing an increasing number of structured warrants.  As at end of September 2010, there are 136 company warrants and 189 structured warrants listed on Bursa Malaysia.

SPSETIA Warrants – Which One?

The share price of SP Setia surged almost 7% last week as investors focused on the positive development of the property sector in Malaysia.  The warrants SPSETIA-WB and SPSETIA-CB both rose 25% in the past week, outperforming the mother share by three and a half times in percentage gain.


If investors are still bullish on SP Setia, which warrants should they consider?


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