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STRAITS-WA – Leverage Exposure at No Premium


The share price of Straits Inter Logistics Berhad has been holding relative well in the last few months as the company is in the middle of undertaking a number of corporate exercises which include acquisition of a majority stake in a direct peer and private placements of new shares to raise fund for the company.  Amidst such exercises which would increase the share capital of the company, the company warrant of Straits Inter Logistics (STRAITS-WA) is currently trading at no premium at all. 

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Pre-listing takeover bid for PASDEC-WA

PASDEC-WA, the company warrant of Pasdec Holdings Berhad created history when the warrant received a takeover offer prior to it being listed on Bursa Malaysia.  PASDEC-WA was given as a free sweetener for shareholders of the company to take up the recently completed right issue of Pasdec.  Pasdec raised RM40 million in the recently completed rights issue undertaken on a two for five basis with each rights share attached with a free warrant at an issue price of 35 sen each.  However, Jasa Imani Sdn Bhd, a substantial shareholder of Padec, triggered a mandatory general offer (MGO) condition when it ended up with 38.6% of the company from 28% prior to the rights issue as a result of it taking up the excess rights following the failure of Pahang State Development Corporation to take up its entitlement of the rights issue.  Jasa Imani had earlier provided an undertaking to subscribe all rights share not taken up to ensure full subscription of the rights issue.  Jasa Imani offered 52.5 sen per offer share and 1 sen per offer warrant under the MGO.   PASDEC-WA ended the first day of trading on 11 July at 13 sen, far above the MGO price.

Be preferred to A for PANTECH-WA

The share price of Pantech Group Holdings Berhad (Pantech) had held up relatively well this year despite the weakness in the general equity market due to the uncertainty before and after the general election as well the lacklustre equity market performance worldwide.  This could be attributed to the recovery in oil price which has been instrumental in charting a significant recovery in earnings for the group.  While the price of mother share remained at about the same level compared with a year ago, the company warrants of Pantech had not been faring as well with both PANTECH-WA and PANTECH-WB suffering drops of 18% and 28% respectively over the last 52 weeks.

CCK-WA : A Tool to Bet on Company’s future growth

CCK-WA, the new company warrant of CCK Consolidated Holdings Berhad (CCK), made its debut at Bursa Malaysia on 26 June 2018.  This warrant was issued free to shareholders of CCK in the company recently completed share split and bonus warrants exercise.  Under the exercise, CCK subdivided every 1 share into 2 shares.  Following the share split, the company issued free warrants to shareholders on the basis of 1 warrant for every 2 shares held after the split.  In spite of the general weakness in the equity market, the share price of CCK has been on a rising trend in the last one year.  CCK share price hit a high of RM1.025 (adjusted for split and bonus) on 8 June before retreating slightly to 92 sen after the new subdivided shares and warrants started trading.

SCH-WA: Worthy of the bet at the current level

The share price of SCH Group Berhad hit a 52-week low of 16.5 sen earlier this week as investors stayed away as the equity market continued its recent weakness.  Investors are also waiting on the side line ahead of SCH Group’s upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to consider approving a 25% private placement as well as a couple of acquisitions that lead to diversification of existing business.  The mother share and warrant of SCH Group closed at 17.5 sen and 7 sen respectively.

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