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Switching from shares to CAELY-WA an option

The company warrant of Caely Holdings Berhad (CAELY-WA) made its debut at Bursa Malaysia on 26 April 2018.  This warrant was given free to shareholders based on 1 warrant for every 2 shares held on the entitlement date of 19 April 2018.   The share price of Caely Holdings had been rising recently and reached a high of RM1.17 on 23 April before declining significantly after the warrant started trading on the stock exchange.  The surge in share price may be attributed to the emergence of Ni Hsin Resources Berhad as a substantial shareholder of the company.  Based on latest disclosure at the time of writing, Ni Hsin had increased its stake to 18.5% as at 25 April 2018.  Caely Holdings and its warrant ended trading on 30 April at 91 sen and 57 sen respectively.

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POHUAT-WB : Gearing Attractive But Stock Direction Uncertain

The price of Poh Huat Resources Holdings Berhad warrant (POHUAT-WB) has been on declining trend since making its debut on Bursa Malaysia in October 2015.  Except for a brief period shortly after its listing when the warrant rose to as high as RM1.11, POHUAT-WB has largely fluctuated between 70 sen to 90 sen.  However, the warrant price fell below 60 sen early this year and its pace of decline has accelerated in recent weeks.  The warrant ended trading on 4 April at 32.5 sen after touching a historic low of 31 sen earlier that day.  The mother share of Poh Huat is also on a significant downtrend after beginning the year at RM1.79 with the share price closing at RM1.24 on 4 April.

ACCSOFT-WA : Unattractive Due to Low Gearing

The share price of information technology company Accsoft Technology Berhad (Accsoft) has been declining since the share was split in early March.  Accsoft undertook a share split exercise which involved the subdivision of every 10 existing Accsoft Share into 25 split shares.  This has increase the number of shares outstanding from 832.8 million shares to 2.09 billion shares.  After declining from 24 sen at the beginning of March to as low as 16 sen, Accsoft share closed at 17.5 sen on 28 March while the company warrant ACCSOFT-WA ended trading at 11 sen.

Mother share’s sharp drop affects SYF-WB

The share price of SYF Resources Berhad (SYF) has been on a declining trend for the past one year as the Ringgit strengthened against the US Dollar.  A stronger Ringgit is considered bad for furniture manufacturers like SYF as their profit margins would be affected.  SYF Resources share price closed at its one year low of 30.5 sen on 21 March 2018 following the release of its latest quarterly results which saw the group recording a net loss for the second quarter of FYE 7/18.  The company warrant SYF-WB ended trading at 5 sen.

KIMLUN-WA’s attractive gearing dampened by consistent payout

The share price performance of Kimlun Corporation Berhad has not been impressive over the last one year.  The share price of Kimlun has in fact declined slightly compared to a year ago.  Kimlun mother share ended trading on 14 March 2018 at RM2.10.  The company warrant of Kimlun (KIMLUN-WA) was last traded at 60 sen.

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