New HLT-WA may benefit from diversification

Written by Editor

The company warrant of HLT Global Berhad (HLT-WA) made its debut at Bursa Malaysia on the first trading day in 2018.  This warrant was given free to shareholders based on 3 warrants for 4 shares held on the entitlement date of 22 December 2017. HLT Global has also at the same time undertaken a bonus issue of new shares based on 1 bonus share for every 2 shares held on the same day.  HLT-WA opened trading at 12 sen on 2 January and steadily moved up rising as high as 19 sen on 12 January before falling back to 14.5 sen on 17 January 2018.  The mother share of HLT Global also weakened to 28.5 sen on the same day following an acquisition announcement on 11 January.

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