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Further Boost for TOMYPAK-WA

TOMYPAK-WA, the company warrant of Tomypak Holdings Berhad, saw its price more than doubled from its debut last July as the company with the bulk of its gain achieved over the last few months.  This could be due to the company proposing a 1 to 2 share split followed by a 1 for 4 bonus issue exercise coupled with an excellent set of results which was announced on 18 May 2017.  After rising to as high as 99.5 sen on 22 May following strong earnings growth, TOMYPAK-WA retreated somewhat and ended trading on 24 May at 92 sen while the mother share closed at RM2.56.

XDL-WC: Share Consolidation Spurs Rally

The share price of Xidelang Holdings Limited, which was trading ex-consolidation on Monday 15 May 2017, had a strong rally early this week with the mother share chalking up gains of 30% in the first three days of the week to close at 26 sen on 17 May 2017.  The company warrant XDL-WC gained even more as it rallied 42% in the first three days of the week.  In fact, XDL-WC price has risen from 2 sen (the equivalent of 8 sen ex-consolidation) to more than double at 17 sen on 17 May 2017 in a week.

Xidelang completed a 4 to 1 share consolidation exercise recently that resulted the number of shares outstanding of the company being reduced to 673.9 million shares from almost 2.7 billion shares before.  The number of warrants outstanding has also been reduced by 75 percent to 220.3 million warrants.

BKOON-WA: Low Premium After Strong Rise on New Shareholders’ Entry

Boon Koon Group Berhad has been one of the stars in Bursa Malaysia in 2017.  The mother share has risen close to 3 times from 12 sen in the beginning of the year to 47.5 sen at the close of trading on 9 May 2017.  The warrant of Boon Koon Group did even better, rising more than 6 times from 4.5 sen in the beginning of January to 32 sen. Investors who are puzzled by such strong price movement found some answers in recent announcements by the company.

UNIMECH-WA: Geared to ride on earnings rebound

The share price of Unimech Group Berhad (UGB) has been on declining trend in the past few years as the company’s earnings has also been falling since hitting a peak in 2012.  The company warrant, UNIMECH-WA, has lost most of its value since debuting at 30.5 sen and hitting a peak of 50 sen in late 2013.  Nevertheless, there are signs that UGB’s declining trend in profitability may have come to an end based on comments from the company’s 2016 Annual Report released in April.  UGB mother share and warrant closed at RM1.13 and 10 sen respectively on 3 May 2017.

MNC-WA: Big ESOS Dampens DFTZ Tie-up with M3TECH

The company warrant of MNC Wireless Berhad (MNC-WA) made its debut at Bursa Malaysia on 11 November 2016.  This warrant was given free to shareholders who subscribed for MNC’s rights issue of 283.42 million new shares at 10 sen each.  Shareholders who subscribed for the rights issue were given 2 free warrants for every 3 shares subscribed.  MNC-WA has traded mostly between 2.5 sen to 4 sen for the most part until 12 April when the company announced it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with M3 Technologies (Asia) Bhd (M3 Tech), for the purpose of collaborating with M3 Tech for the development of an inclusive e-commerce platform with integrated payment gateway solutions and end-to- end logistics support, to operate in the Malaysia Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ).  MNC share price spiked to as high as 9 sen and its warrant as high as 5.5 sen on the above collaboration.  They have both retreated recently to close at 8 sen and 4.5 sen respectively on 26 April 2017.

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