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M3TECH-WA – May Rebound Ahead of Q2 Results

The shares and warrants of M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad attracted strong investors’ interest in early January as the mother share and warrant surged to a fresh 52-weeks’ high of 18 sen and 9 sen respectively.  However, the share price corrected substantially over the past weeks as the global equity market plunged.  M3 Technologies mother share and M3TECH-WA ended trading at 12 sen and 5.5 sen respectively at the close of trading of 7 February 2018.

SGB-WA Conversion Discount Widens

The share price of Spring Gallery Berhad surged limit up to RM1.10 on Monday 29 January 2018 after the company announced that it has accepted a letter of intent (LoI) from Village Roadshow Theme Parks Pty Ltd (VRS) for the proposed development and operation of a theme park in Klebang, Malaka. The theme park is to be built on nine pieces of land collectively measuring approximately 292,795 square meters.  At the same time, Spring Gallery also announced that it has offered to purchase several pieces of land in Klebang with a total land area of approximately 4,443,555.60 square feets for a total of RM186.63 million from Benelac Holdings Berhad.  The offer to buy land is conditional upon Spring Gallery entering into definite agreement to develop and operate the above-mentioned theme park. Spring Gallery’s mother share closed at RM1.11 on the last trading day of January while its warrant SGB-WA settled at 33 sen.

ECONBHD-WA gives longer term leverage play

The new company warrant of Econpile Holdings Berhad (ECONBHD-WA), made its debut at Bursa Malaysia on 8 January.  This warrant was given free to shareholders of the company via a 1 for 4 bonus issues after Econpile completed its 1 for 2 share splits.  Econpile also issued free bonus shares based on 1 for 4 shares held to raise the number of shares outstanding to 1.337 billion.  ECONBHD-WA surged to a high of 59 sen on the second day of trading before pulling back sharply to trade mostly below 40 sen.  ECONBHD-WA ended trading on 24 January at 37.5 sen while the mother share settled at RM1.27 as the share price weakened in recent days.

New HLT-WA may benefit from diversification

The company warrant of HLT Global Berhad (HLT-WA) made its debut at Bursa Malaysia on the first trading day in 2018.  This warrant was given free to shareholders based on 3 warrants for 4 shares held on the entitlement date of 22 December 2017. HLT Global has also at the same time undertaken a bonus issue of new shares based on 1 bonus share for every 2 shares held on the same day.  HLT-WA opened trading at 12 sen on 2 January and steadily moved up rising as high as 19 sen on 12 January before falling back to 14.5 sen on 17 January 2018.  The mother share of HLT Global also weakened to 28.5 sen on the same day following an acquisition announcement on 11 January.

MESB-WA can ride on mother share rebound

MESB-WA, the new company warrant of MESB Berhad, made its debut at Bursa Malaysia on 5 January 2018.  This warrant was issued free to shareholders of MESB in the company recently completed share split and bonus warrants exercise.  Under the exercise, MESB subdivided every 2 shares into 3 shares.  Following the share split, the company issued free warrants to shareholders on the basis of 1 warrant for every 2 shares held after the split.  The share price of MESB has been declining steadily since reaching a 52-week high of 91 sen in the middle of October 2017.  This followed the completion of a 30% private placement of new shares at a placement price of 73 sen in early October.  MESB closed at46 sen on 10 January 2018 while the new warrant settled at 20.5 sen.

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