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Global Derivatives Articles

EDUSPEC-WA: Victimized By A Series of Private Placements

The share price of Eduspec Holdings Berhad has been performing badly ever since the company first announced a private placement exercise in April 2016.  The share price of Eduspec has dropped from around 30 sen in April last year to as low as 15 sen earlier this month.  Investors were not impressed with the company’s two private placement exercises which were carried out in 2015 until the last batch this month.  Over the last two years, the share price of Eduspec has plummeted from a high of 42 sen in mid-April 2015 to its current level.  Both Eduspec mother share and warrant (EDUSPEC-WA) were heavily traded on Wednesday 12 July 2017 as the company fixed the issue price of the fifth tranche of the latest private placement exercise at 15 sen.


JETSON-WB : High Volatility Spurs Interest in Warrant

The shares price of Kumpulan Jetson Berhad has experienced a roller-coaster ride in the last few weeks.  From around 37 sen in the beginning of June, Kumpulan Jetson share price shot up to a high of 50 sen on 29 June ahead of the company announcement on the group securing a RM919.32 million construction contract from MCC Overseas (M) Sdn Bhd (MCC), which is a subsidiary of China Metallurgical Group Corporation.  However, the share price sank shortly after when MCC on 3 July rescinded the above sub-contract to build high-rise serviced apartments and a hotel along Jalan Conlay.  After trading as low as 33.5 sen, Kumpulan Jetson share price ended trading on 5 July at 34.5 sen while the company warrant JETSON-WB closed at 11 sen.

ATTA-LA : More Shares Being “Exercised” May Cap Rally

The share price of Atta Global Group Berhad has been rising substantially over the one year due to a significant improvement in the company’s earnings and dividend payment.  From a share price of under 50 sen a year ago, the share price of Atta Global surged to a high of RM1.48 on 14 June 2017.  Atta Global has a few convertible securities.  Besides two company warrants (ATTA-WB and ATTA-WC) and an Irredeemable Convertible Unsecured Loan Stock (ATTA-LA), Atta Global is currently planning a rights issue of irredeemable convertible preference shares (ICPS) to raise up to RM188.62 million. 

MLAB-WA: Only Good for Trading Before Rights Issue

The share and warrant of Mlabs System Berhad (MLABS) attracted some interest lately after its shareholders approved its proposed rights issue and employees’ share options scheme (ESOS) at an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) held on 8 June.  The share price rose from 10.5 sen before the EGM to 12 sen on 21 June while the company warrant MLAB-WA was under heavy selling pressure initially before recovering to close at 5.5 sen on 21 June.

MLABS is principally involved in videoconferencing business.  It provides videoconferencing products, including software, hardware, support and maintenance of the products.  MLABS has been suffering losses in the last eleven consecutive years beginning 2007.  In its latest financial year ended 31 March 2017, MLABS managed to reduce its net loss to RM0.22 million compared to RM0.44 million in the previous financial year despite revenue dropping 28% to RM2.51 million.  

Name Change Powers SMCAP-WB Ahead

The share price of Sinmah Capital Berhad, formerly known as Farm’s Best Berhad, rose significantly in recent weeks after the company announced the change of company name to its current form on 2 June.  Sinmah Capital began trading on Bursa Malaysia under its new name on 14 June.  The mother share rose to end the first day of trading under new name at 82 sen while the company warrant SMCAP-WB fell to 20 sen.

Sinmah Capital is one of the largest integrated poultry producers in Malaysia.  The group also ventured into construction and property development in a significant way recently when it proposed to establish a joint venture with Encorp Bukit Katil Sdn Bhd (EBKSB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Encorp Berhad to carry out a mixed development project on 77.94 acres of land located in Bukit Katil, Melaka. 

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