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Opting for Mother Share Instead of Overpriced VIS-WA

The share price of VisDynamics Holdings Berhad plunged from 78 sen to a low of 17 sen between 28 and 29 Aprilearlier this year as the company was one of four small-cap companies in Bursa Malaysia suffering drastic price drops during those two days.  VisDynamics’ share price had earlier climbed from below 20 sen in early 2013 to a high of 78 sen in April this year.  Its company warrant VIS-WA also fell from a high of 70 sen to as low as 9 sen in the meltdown.  Both the price of the mother share and warrant have stabilized somewhat recently and building a base at their current price levels of 19.5 sen and 11 sen respectively.

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