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Fancy making risk free profits?

You want Free Lunch? Get a copy of Alan Voon's new book published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. !  (Available now from on pre-order discount) 

Trading The China Market With American Depository Receipts: How To Play Greater China With A Winning Edge

It may sound too good to be true but it is happening all the time to people who know the tricks. This can be achieved by trading American Depository Receipts (ADRs) using after market news in Asia.

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No, this is not about making arbitrage profit by buying or selling ADRs and then converting it back to the underlying securities. This game is for the big boys who have minimal transaction cost due to economies of scales. Rather, we are talking about utilizing news making headlines tomorrow to make a relatively risk free trade. This strategy is suitable and relevant for retail investors as well.

For the first time, this book by Alan Voon introduces the concept of making almost risk free profits trading US listed ADRs of Chinese stocks using information released after Asian trading hours when US market is still open

How is it possible? Most people would agree that all news is digested instantly and there is no way you can make any risk free profit in today’s well connected market place.

Not so according to this book. Voon uses “free lunch” to describe profitable trades employing strategy from the above concepts. He is obviously determined to prove his university professor statement wrong that there is no free lunch in the stock market!.

Voon will illustrate using case studies on how the above concept can be implemented. The good thing is that these incidents of risk free profits do recur and such trading strategy can be repeated over and over again even when the market plunges the next day. A list of relevant underlying shares and their corresponding ADRs will also be provided to get traders started.

Voon will show you exactly how to implement this risk free method and where to look for price-moving information. He will also illustrates how traders can enhance their return using derivatives such as options and contract for difference.

There is indeed free lunch available in the stock market according to Voon. You just need to know how to get invited and take advantage of the situation. This book will equip you with the know how to make some easy money from the stock market when opportunities arise.

For the price of brokerage commission for one trade, you can possibly discover the best way to make money from China in your own backyard.

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