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PA-WB Doubled on First Few Days of Trading

The warrant of P.A. Resources Berhad (PARB), PA-WB, began trading in Bursa Malaysia on 22 December 2017 ending the first day of trade at 2 sen. The warrant price has since risen substantially to close at 4 sen at the close of trading on 3 January 2017.  This new warrant was given free to shareholders who subscribed P.A. Resources recently completed rights issue exercise.  The company raised a total of RM37.86 million from the rights issue of 757.23 million new shares at an issue price of 5 sen based on a ratio of 4 rights shares for every 5 shares held.  Subscribers of the rights issue get 1 free warrant for every share subscribed.  PARB mother share surged after the new year to close at 7 sen on 3 January 2018.

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