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EDUSPEC-WA: Victimized By A Series of Private Placements

The share price of Eduspec Holdings Berhad has been performing badly ever since the company first announced a private placement exercise in April 2016.  The share price of Eduspec has dropped from around 30 sen in April last year to as low as 15 sen earlier this month.  Investors were not impressed with the company’s two private placement exercises which were carried out in 2015 until the last batch this month.  Over the last two years, the share price of Eduspec has plummeted from a high of 42 sen in mid-April 2015 to its current level.  Both Eduspec mother share and warrant (EDUSPEC-WA) were heavily traded on Wednesday 12 July 2017 as the company fixed the issue price of the fifth tranche of the latest private placement exercise at 15 sen.


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